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​The Bandoneon on Travel

Visual Concert by

Lisa Franz and Facundo Barreyra

The objective of The Bandoneon on Travel Project

is to rescue the essence and the history of this magical instrument, which was found during the 20th century.

In The Bandoneon on Travel Project you will find hints of the history of the instrument, which has apparent origins in China, developed in Germany and adopted as the greatest symbol of music in the Tango which was declared World Heritage of Humanity by the organization UNESCO. For this various proposals had been developed by Lisa Franz and Facundo Barreyra which serve as tools and means of transmission for interacting with the public of all ages, in different cultures and fields of characteristics.

The performance includes photography and recitations with live music from Argentina. This eclectic approach (photography, literature, education and music) creates a special atmosphere. It almost feels like a dreamy and symbolic pathway to the history of the bandoneon.

Lisa Franz is the author of the book "Ein Jahr in Buenos Aires" ("A Year in Buenos Aires") released by the publishing company Herder in Germany. She lived for 10 years in Argentina and as a photographer she has built a wonderful collection of images that includes Argentina, Germany and the bandoneon, showcasing here her perception of the world.

Facundo Barreyra plays live Argentinian music and explains the history and the functioning of the bandoneon.

He plays solo or together with other musicians, depending on the proposal.

The project was realized in Europe and Southamerica. In 2014 it was declared of cultural interest by the Ministery of Foreing Affairs of Argentina and the European tour in 2014 was under the auspicies of the same department.

If you are interested in this unique project please feel free to contact us:

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