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Music for traditional European string quartet,

bandoneon and bombo legüero,

composed, arranged and conducted

by Facundo Barreyra - Argentina-.



To find oneself after a long distance.
To find oneself after the storm.

To share the pain for all that has happened.

Learning to let go of those who have left this world.

Letting go of who we were in the past.

To meet all of us in the same place where music is the motive.

Let the sorrows, the joys and the doubts live in the music.

To listen to each other.

Giving thanks, always.

Because our Life is today, is now, and is ephemeral like music.

I composed this music for the

traditional European string quartet, bandoneon,

and the first instrument I have played since I was 3 years old, coming from distant lands and different customs:

the Argentinean bombo legüero.

This music is entirely dedicated to my parents,

Mirny and Vasco.

To my brothers Ser and Tom. To my nephews

Ailen and Lautaro.

To my sister-in-law Gisselle. To my wife Lisa.

To my friends.

To my German family.

And to my teachers in Argentina



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