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Shino Ohnaga, piano

Facundo Barreyra, bandoneon & voice

Tango Kampai was created in 2014, when the musicians started to play at the milongas, Tango Clubs, and concerts halls in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tango Kampai plays Tangos, Valses, Milongas, and argentinian Folklore Music.

All the music is for dancing.

Shino Ohnaga (Osaka, Japan) studied piano and harpsichord in her native Japan. She has lived in Buenos Aires since 2013 where she plays in many tango groups up to this day and is the leader of her own group, Barrio Shino. 

Facundo Barreyra (Buenos Aires, Argentina) lives in the South of Germany since 2017. He is a teacher of bandoneon and percussion in the Public Music School of Mühldorf.

With his project Tango Chamber Music, he is a teacher since 2018 at the Summer Academy (masterclasses for string player) in Mühldorf, Germany.

Since 2013 he is touring each year thru Europe giving concerts.​

The duo Tango Kampai  also works together with other musicians and performers such as the photographer and author Lisa Franz, the violin playeres Christian Neff (Switzerland), Luis Alberto Simó, the bassist Mono Hurtado, the trombon player Pablo Fenoglio, the dancers Patricia Antelo, Carina Mele, Eduardo Tevez, Cacho Kawamichi and others.

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