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Buenos Aires

2014 in Buenos Aires City: Facundo Barreyra creates the Bandoneon Duo Buenos Aires with Marcello Marcellini.

Both musicians were colleagues for 4 years at the Bandoneon Ensemble of the Society of Composers from Argentina, led by the great bandoneon master Nestor Marconi, considered one of the best bandoneon players of all ages.

With this duo the sound of the bandoneon transports us to the city of Buenos Aires. It leads us to dance and to listen the classical Tango: An intimate sound for a passionate connection with the essence of the capital of Tango: Buenos Aires.

With the Bandoneon duo Buenos Aires Facundo Barreyra also plays together with other bandoneon players from Argentina:

Gustavo Battistessa - residence in Turkey

Hugo de Bernardi - residence in Buenos Aires

Marcelo Hunkeler - residence in Buenos Aires

Gabriela Galí - residence in Rome

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